10KW on Grid Solar System for Residential Use

10KW on Grid Solar System for Residential Use

We supply 10kw on grid solar system for residential use.
We devoted ourselves to solar system products over one decade with abundant manufacturing experiences, our products have been exported to many customers worldwide.
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This on-grid solar system is available in 1KW-500KW models, the main parts of the system is solar panels and on grid solar inverter. On grid inverter is the highlight which combined with MPPT control and multi-level control technology to enable the system to track the maximum power of solar panels fast and make the system durable, flexibly and economically. On grid solar system is an ideal device for medium-sized or large-scale residential, commercial and industrial power plant applications.


What is the on grid solar system?

The on grid solar system consists of solar PV modules, PV grid-connected inverter, ammeter, distribution box etc items. The solar modules produce DC power and send it to the controller inside of on grid solar inverter, the inverter transfer the DC to AC power, then the electricity will be sent to the utility grid and the household equipments.


Solar system component

◇Solar panels;

◇Solar mounting bracket (optional);

◇PV array combiner box (optional);

◇On grid solar PV inverter;


◇Distribution box (optional)

◇Other system accessories



◇Residential applications

◇Commercial PV plant

◇Large-scale PV plant etc


Specification of the 10kw on grid solar system for residential use

Model: SPS10000N

10KW On-Grid Solar System Including:

* Mono/poly Solar panel 280W40pcs;

* Solar mounting bracket (optional);

* On grid solar inverter 10KW

* System accessories( cables, connectors etc)

Model No.


Rated system power


Max. system voltage


Max. output power everyday

<80000WH (Better sunshine 8hs per day)

System including

10000W Solar panels+ 10000W on grid solar inverter

Suggested max loads power


Max. DC input power


Starting voltage

200 / 250Vdc

MPPT voltage range


Full-load MPPT voltage range


Rated AC output power


Max. AC output power


Rated AC output voltage


AC voltage range


Rated grid frequency range

50 / 50 ± 5Hz, 60 / 60 ± 5Hz

Max. efficiency



Supply power for TV, fan, lights, refrigerator, air-condition etc residential use.

* All specifications subject to change without notice

* Custom-made specifications are acceptable

The Solar System Diagram of the 10kw on grid solar system for residential use


Solar system project


Production line




Packing & Delivery






Q: What is the warranty of the 10kw on grid solar system residential PV plant?
A: We provide five years warranty for solar panels and on grid solar inverters.

Q: What is MOQ of your products?
A: Trial order 1 set.

Q: What is the advantage of the grid-tie system?
A: There are two main kind of system available now: one is grid-tie connected system and off-grid system. The one of advantage of a grid-tie system is it works without batteries which will have less-cost for user.


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