50KW on Grid Solar System Commercial PV Plant

50KW on Grid Solar System Commercial PV Plant

We supply 50kw on grid solar system commercial PV plant.
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Grid-tie solar systems are generally the most common types of solar systems in the areas where there is access to the utility grid. The on-grid PV systems are most often designed to significantly reduce your electricity bill. With grid-tie systems, you use solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight, and feed any excess electricity produced back to the grid (if allowed). When sunset you just buy electricity power from your utility grid company.

At Jensys Power, we offer affordable, custom designed grid-tie solar power systems. From 1kW to 500kW, we offer a wide range of grid-tie PV systems that meed your budget and energy needs.

Any questions? Give us a call or email us and our trained solar professionals will work with you to design your own solar system for FREE!


Components of a grid-tied solar system

◇Solar Panels

◇Mounting brackets

◇PV array combiner boxes & DC AC distribution box

◇Grid tied PV inverter


Specification of the 50kw on grid solar system commercial PV plant

Model: SPS50000N

50KW On-Grid Solar System Including:

* Mono/poly Solar panel 280W200pcs;

* Solar mounting bracket (optional);

* On grid solar inverter 50KW

* System accessories( cables, connectors etc)

Model No.


Rated system power


Max. system voltage


Max. output power everyday

<400000WH (Better sunshine 8hs per day)

System including

50KW Solar panels+ 50KW on grid solar inverter

Suggested max loads power


Max. DC input power


Starting voltage

200 / 250Vdc

MPPT voltage range


Full-load MPPT voltage range


Rated AC output power


Max. AC output power


Rated AC output voltage


AC voltage range


Rated grid frequency range

50 / 50 ± 5Hz, 60 / 60 ± 5Hz

Max. efficiency


* All specifications subject to change without notice

* Custom-made specifications are acceptable

The Solar System Diagram of the 50kw on grid solar system commercial PV plant



Production line


Packing & Delivery



Our Service

◇All solar systems are tested one by one before leaving factory

◇We not only accept bulk order, also accept small trial order for customers to test our quality.

◇OEM and customized orders are also available and acceptable.

◇Any questions and inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.

◇We treat our clients as long-term business partners, agents &distributors are welcome.



Q: For the solar system, is better to choose mono or poly solar panels?
A: Mono and poly both kind of solar panels are ok.

Q: Will you arrange engineer to help us installation?
A: For small and medium size solar system, our engineer will provide guild installation user manual for customers.

Q: Do I need PV combiner box for the on grid system?
A: You can use combiner box which will be easier for the system connection.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: It usually takes 15-25 days for production after received payment.