3kW Wind Turbine Generator Stand Alone System

We supply 3000w wind power off grid system, which can supply electricity for home and business appliances, also can work with solar panels to become to hybrid system for more applications.
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Product Details

3KW Wind Power Off-grid System

System Configuration:

●   Wind turbine: 3000W rated power output - Wind turbine, 48/96/110V, with 5blades

●   Tower: 9m guyed tower, or free-standing tower for 3kw wind turbine

●   Wind controller: off-grid wind controller 3000W, with external dumpload

●   Batteries: 48/96/110V bank

●   Inverter: off-grid inverter, can be 3kW 48/96/110Vdc, 220~240Vac, 50/60Hz


Recommended Application:

Simple cottage about 3 bedrooms, providing very basic power for total load less than 3000W. 


System Installation Requirement:

●  Open space without tall obstacle is preferred for wind turbine installation for better wind power harvesting.

●  2-3 square meter space is preferred to place controller inverter system and batter bank.

System Specification:

System Detail


Rated Capacity


Wind turbine

3000W 48//96/110V, 5 blade

Wind off-grid controller

3000W, (with external dumpload)

Deep Cycle battery AGM gel

12V*200AH x 4 (48V) etc


Off-grid inverter

input: 48v,96v or 110v

Output: 3000W 110/220Vac, 50/60hz 
Grid by-pass switch: optional


Suggested Tower   installation

4m for flat roof installation

9m guyed tower for ground installation
11m free-standing tower for ground installation

System Circuit Diagram:

off grid wind turbine system diagram


Wind turbine off-grid system: which consists of wind turbine(s) to generate unstable electricity, through a off grid charge controller to rectify the electricity from the wind turbine into a stable DC, and then keep charging and storage in the battery bank. You will then need an off-grid inverter to convert the DC electricity stored in the battery bank to AC electricity and supply power for the home & business etc appliances. Our packaged systems are ideally suited to remote areas homes, schools and other off-grid applications. They can also be retrofitted to existing diesel generator systems to save on high fuel costs and minimize noise.

Or connect with solar panels to get a wind/solar Hybrid system:

Wind turbine solar hybrid off grid system diagram

3kW wind turbine off-grid system products includes:

3000w wind turbine system products

System Applications:

l        Living off the grid, from large home to small cabin

l        Off-grid fishing or hunting cabins

l        Remote security monitoring and communication facilities

l        Remote mining and drilling operations

l        RV or marine vessels

l        Farms, ranches & vineyards

l        Remote holiday hotel, military base camp

l        Relief team or scientific research team working off the grid

Wind Turbine Special Features

l         High Efficiency

l         Light Breeze Start Up

l         Long Lifetime, Free of Maintenance

l         Light Weight, Easy Installation

l         Heavy Wind Self-protection

l         Minimal Vibration and Low Noise Operation

l         Anti-rust & Anticorrosion

l          Damp-proof & Sand-proof

Patented Blade Design

Patented aerofoil 5 blade design with true symmetrical and twisted aerodynamic design which ensures rotor capture maximum power from wind (Cp. >0.35 in low wind) and operates in amazingly low noise and minimal vibration.

l       True symmetrical and balanced aerofoil blade ensure rotor matching with generator perfectly.

l       Large ratio of tip section chord to root section chord and variable chord airfoil blade ensures rotor start-up easily and running smoothly with high torque &RPM at lower wind condition.

l       Aerodynamic blades designed with over-speed braking system to make sure generator well protected in higher wind.

l       Reinforced nylon glass-fiber using advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for higher strength, flexibility and reliability.

l       Cp. >0.35 at low wind.

wind blade

Over-speed Control System

Smart Blade Aerodynamics Braking and Electromagnetic Speed Limitation

3kw wind turbine generator         3kW wind turbine power curve

This power curve generated by wind tunnel testing indicated that the blade aerodynamics braking system starts to take effect from 14-15m/s wind speed, the rotor RPM is always limited within wind turbine rated maximum RPM at even higher wind.


Abandoned the traditional failure-prone mechanical furling system, the blade itself is designed with over-speed braking system which will generate a reverse reluctant torque to lower the blade rotation speed so that the blades and generator can be well protected in higher wind, it solved safety and reliability problems facing by most small wind turbines.


Combination of electromagnetic braking and aerodynamic braking maximizes energy capture by extending turbine’s operating speed range into higher and lower wind speed which are missed by the old style wind turbines.

Maintenance Free Design

Innovative two-moving-part system

Typical wind turbine has three moving parts (rotor, head yawing and mechanical furling), we replaced mechanical furling by using advanced electromagnetic and blade aerodynamics braking and take only two moving parts, which improve generator reliability dramatically as it has less mechanical failure.

 3kw wind turbine generator

Innovative slip ring design

Wind turbines with typical slip ring design often twists and tangles the connection cable from generator to controller, which made the system has to be maintained every few month. We patented slip ring design solved this problem completely and made our wind turbine with higher reliability and real maintenance free.

 wind turbine slip ring design

Best Material and Workmanship

Rotor and housing

Patented rotor is made of high quality stainless steel rotor shaft attached with permanent neodymium magnet, the unique winding and multi pole design reduces the start-up torque of alternator which assures generator would produce more power at lower wind condition than other system.

 wind turbine rotor and housing

Generator housing is made of precisely casted aluminum alloy with minimal tolerance and sealed with high quality sealant, this is why our wind turbine could work normally under varlous working conditions, and this is why our wind generator features class B insulation and OP56 class protection. Besides, our generator system is designed with a sufficient buffer of overload to ensure overall wind turbine reliability.

 wind generator


Blades are made from reinforced nylon glass-fiber by using advanced thermoplastic and precision injection molding technology for higher strength, flexibility and reliability.

wind blade

Wind Turbines Installation Case

3000w windmill

3kw wind turbine project

3kW wind turbine generator


Q: What is your maximum power of your ind turbines?
A: max. power of wind turbine is 3kW per unit, but if you bigger power system you can connect more units of turbine to get a bigger system.


Q: Can you supply wind and solar hybrid system?
A: Yes, sure.


Q: What is the delivery time of your 3kw wind turbine system?
A: 7-15days depend on order qty and details.