600W Most Efficient Wind Turbine System

600W Most Efficient Wind Turbine System

We supply 600W 24/48V 5blades wind turbine generator, minimal vibration and low noise operation.
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Product Details

600W 5Blades Most Efficient Reliable Wind Turbine Generator System


Product Description

The new member of wind turbine 600W was launched after the distribution of the 400W wind turbine. Although the 600W wind turbine has similar outlook compared with the 400W wind turbine, the difference is rotor diameter/the length of blades, the 600W turbine RD is 1.75㎡ while the 400W is 1.55㎡.


Minimal Vibration and Low Noise Operation

Every item with moving parts will make some noise and vibration, wind turbines are no exception, most noise and vibration are caused by turbine blades rotation in the wind and generator resonates with rotor and tower, our well designed wind turbine could works quietly in both low and high wind.

1. The blades have exceptional consistency and aerodynamic outline with a mass distribution which ensures the rotor operate with minimal vibration and very low noise.

2. Perfectly matched rotor and generator cause much less resonance of wind turbine and tower.

3. Blade Aerodynamics Braking limits blade to rotate at rated RPM which could avoid higher noise and vibration caused by extreme wind.

4. Blade are made from reinforce nylon glass-fiber by using advanced thermoplastic and precision injection molding technology for higher strength, flexibility and reliability.


600W 5 Blades Wind Turbine Specifications

Model No.


Rated Output


Peak Output


Rated Voltage(V)

DC 24/48V

Start -up Wind Speed 

2m/s or 4.5mph

Cut -in Wind Speed 

2.5m/s or 5.6mph

Rated Rotor Speed (RPM)


Rated Wind Speed 

12m/s or 26.8mph

System Average Cp.


Rated Charging Current(A)


Noise Level 

<20dB(5m behind turbine at 5m/s   gusting)

Kwh/m(monthly avg .V =5.5m/s


Working Temp. Range ºC

From -40ºCto 60ºC

Survival Max. Wind 

50m/s or 110mph

Over-speed Control 

Electromagnetic &blade aerodynamic   braking

Number of Blades 


Rotor Diameter(m)


Swept Area(m²)


Generator Material 

Aluminum alloy body & precision   stainless steel rotor

Blade Material

Reinforced nylon glass-fiber

Net Weight 


Tower Connection 

Flange connection or bolt-on clamp

Controller Type 



Stand alone, wind solar hybrid system   etc.

Product Life(years)





ISO9001:2008, CE, RoHS etc

Matched Off Grid Controller:

wind turbine off grid controller

Controller Features:

controller feature

Controller Technical Specifications

controller parameter

Wind Power Off-grid System:

 wind power off grid system working diagram

wind turbine off grid system

Wind Turbine System Advantages

>Low Start up Wind Speed

The light breeze from nature can easily turn our wind turbine. This greatly help the area where needs the wind but not sufficient enough for 3 blades typed.

 >Free Power

Whenever or wherever wind comes, the wind turbine can work alone. The matched off grid controller will charge the battery when the power generated.

 >Maintenance-Free Design

We changed the mechanical furling in traditional typed wind turbine into the advanced electromagnetic and blade aerodynamics braking system. These two functions improve generator’s reliability and stability which better than the traditional one.

 >Easy Installation

With the detail installation guidance, it is simple for home users to install the wind turbine system by themselves (DIY). What’s more, we can send you the installation videos for your guidance.


* Small home lighting, boats, cabins, remote monitoring, remote hotel, farms, street lighting etc.

Product Packing

The wind turbine package, generally we use the carton box and customized foam which help to fasten the wind generator and other accessories. After sealing, we will use the nylon ribbon to fasten the package again; additional wooden package also accepted.

small wind turbines

Wind Turbine Installation

600w wind power

600w windmill


Q: Can you help me design the power system?
A: Yes, we are in wind/solar power business field with long history and experience. We can offer you professional technical advice and design the system according to your request.


Q: Is our wind big enough for it?
A: Our small wind turbines start up wind speed at 2m/s. If the area whose average yearly wind speed over 2m/s then can use it.


Q: What is your delivery time?
A: Sample order 5-7 working days after payment; bulk order about 25days.