Low Noise 1kW Wind Turbine Reliable Off Grid System

We supply 1000w 5blades wind turbine off grid power system, which including the wind turbine, off grid wind controller &dumpload, battery bank and off-grid inverter etc accessories parts.
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Product Details

1KW Wind Turbine Off-grid System

System Configuration:

●   Wind turbine: 1000W rated power output - Wind turbine, 24/48V, with 5blades

●   Tower: Wall fixation, or ground tower for 1000w wind turbine installation

●   Wind controller: off-grid wind controller 1000W, 24/48V, with internal dumpload

●   Batteries: suggest 12V battery 4pcs in series to get a 24/48V DC volts

●   Inverter: off-grid inverter, can be 1kW 24/48Vdc, 220~240Vac, 50/60Hz


Recommended Application:

Simple cottage with 1-2 bedroom, providing very basic power for total load less than 1000W. 


System Installation Requirement:

●  Open space without tall obstacle is preferred for wind turbine installation for better wind power harvesting.

●  1-2 square meter space is preferred to place controller inverter system and batter bank.

System Specification:

System Detail


Rated Capacity


Wind turbine

1000W 24/48V, 5 blade

Wind off-grid controller

1000W 24/48V, (with internal dumpload)

Deep Cycle battery AGM gel

200AH x 2 (24V); 100AH x 4 (48V)


Off-grid inverter

input: 24v or 48v

Output: 1000W 110/220Vac, 50/60hz 
Grid by-pass switch: optional


Suggested Tower   installation

3m for wall fixation installation

4m for flat roof installation
9m guyed tower for ground installation


Recommended household electric appliance-WTOFF-1K 
1.       System inverter is designed with total capacity 1000W, which means total load capacity of the house should be no more than 1000W, inverter will automatically shut down if instant load over 1000W to for system self-protection, so we suggest end user estimate your own house total load capacity then select the proper inverter system.
2.       Above household daily power consumption is calculated based on a typical usage of an ordinary household for end user reference only.
3.       Air conditioner is not recommended for this system because air conditioner is a high power consumption unit which consumes 5-8KWH, if the house has to be equipped with air conditioner, we suggest supply the power for air conditioner from public grid.
4.       There is an optional by-pass switch which could automatically switch to public grid power when there is not enough power in battery bank, this is only applicable to the area with public grid connection.


System Circuit Diagram:

off grid wind turbine system diagram


Wind turbine off-grid system: which consists of wind turbine(s) to generate unstable electricity, through a off grid wind charge controller to rectify the electricity from the wind turbine into a stable DC, and then keep charging and storage in the battery bank. You will then need an off-grid inverter to convert the DC electricity stored in the battery bank to AC electricity and supply power for the home & business etc appliances. Our packaged systems are ideally suited to remote areas homes, schools and other off-grid applications. They can also be retrofitted to existing diesel generator systems to save on high fuel costs and minimize noise.

1kW wind turbine off-grid system products includes:

1000w wind turbine system products

Minimal Vibration and Low Noise Operation

Everything with moving parts will make some noise and vibration, wind turbines are no exception, most noise and vibration are caused by turbine blades rotation in the wind and generator resonates with rotor and tower, our well designed wind turbine could works quietly in both low and high wind.

* The blades have exceptional consistency and aerodynamic outline with a mass distribution which ensures the rotor operate with minimal vibration and very low noise.

* Perfectly matched rotor and generator cause much less resonance of wind turbine and tower.

* Blade Aerodynamics Braking limits blade to rotate at rated RPM which could avoid higher noise and vibration caused by extreme wind.

low noise rooftop wind turbine 1kw

Wind turbine with minimal vibration and low noise could be mounted on rooftop safety and its operation won't affect resident

Wind Turbines Installation Case

1000w wind turbine system

5kw wind turbine solar hybrid system


Q: Can your 1kW wind turbine install on rooftop?
A: Yes, it designed with minimal vibration and low noise.


Q: Does you supply stand tower for your 1kW wind generator?
A: We can if your request.


Q: Can your 1kW windmill install combined with our exist solar panels?
A: Please send us your exist solar panels system power and system voltage, we can help check its matched our wind turbine or not, if not we can see how to adjust and get out a solution for you.

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