3KW Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Hybrid System

3KW Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Hybrid System

We supply 3kw solar panel and wind turbine hybrid system.
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Product Details

If you live in an area where there is advantage of enough wind and have perfect sunshine, you can begin with a hybrid solar and wind power system to enjoy. The advantage of a hybrid system is: if the location wind speed not good but sunshine, or when the sun isn’t shining, the wind will blow.

Hybrid off-grid solar & wind power systems are used for small household appliances, cabins, boats and small farms etc.


System Configuration

●   Wind Power: 1500W rated power output – 1500W Wind turbine, 48V

●   Solar Power: 1500W rated power output - 6pcs 250W 24V polycrystalline/mono solar panel

●   Controller & Inverter: off-grid wind solar hybrid controller inverter 1500W

●   Wall fixation tower 3 meter tower for 1500W wind turbine

●   Rooftop solar panel installation bracket for 1500W PV modules


Estimated System Yearly Power Production (KWH) - solar & wind combined


Recommended Application

* Simple cottage with 3-4 bedrooms, providing very basic power for total load less than 1500W. 
* Ideal solution for areas with stable public grid supply to reduce your electricity bill. 
* Ideal solution for areas with unstable public grid supply as a reliable power backup system. 
* Areas completely without public grid supply, this hybrid system could serve as a stand-alone power supply system, such as remote area or holiday cottage.


System Installation Requirement


System Specification


Recommended household electric appliances


Wind and Solar Hybrid Off-Grid System


Complied standards

> CE   > ROHS   > ISO9001:2008


Packing & Delivery



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Q: What is the warranty of the wind and solar hybrid system products?
A: We provide three years limited warranty for wind turbine and five years for solar panels from the date of shipment.

Q: What is the life of your wind turbine and solar panels? 
A: Wind turbine product life 15 years; solar panels 25 years.

Q: How do I size a wind turbine and solar power for my house use?
A: Please first calculate the total consumption power of your home loads per day, check your local place wind speed and sunlight situation, then we can start with you together to get a perfect solution for your home with alternative energy products.


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