5kW Solar And Wind Power System

5kW Solar And Wind Power System

A 5kW solar and wind power system, including a 3kW wind turbine and 2/3kW solar panel, controller, battery bank and a inverter etc main items.
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Product Details

A typical stand-alone system consists of a small wind turbine and solar panels to generate electricity connected to a charge controller which controls the pace at which batteries are recharged which is connected the battery bank. You will then need an off-grid inverter to convert the DC electricity stored in the battery bank to AC electricity which is more commonly used in home & business appliances.

Separately wind and solar energy are effective ways to power a home or a business but can be limited due to lack f sun or a sudden shift in wind velocity. Using a combination of these will provide s stable, higher energy output to power your home or business. Wind solar hybrid power system includes a solar panel array and one more wind turbines, and they create a more constant flow of power than either single source provides.

Wind & solar hybrid power system provides a much more reliable power supply for 24x7 powers for off-grid applications. Off-grid systems can provide power anywhere; there is no shortage of possibilities or limits. Our packaged systems are ideally suited to remote homes, schools and other off-grid applications. They can also be retrofitted to existing diesel-generator systems to save on high fuel costs and minimize noise.

Jensys Energy offers standard hybrid systems solution with all necessary components included such as solar panel, wind turbine, deep cycle gel battery, controller and inverter, mounting brackets and tower etc., each and every component have been well developed and tested for years in the fields and offer the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and easy of use, and we can also tailor a system to suit should you have a smaller or larger power requirement.

SWH-5000 5KW Wind Solar Hybrid Off-grid System

System Configuration:
●   Wind Power: 3000W rated power output - 3000W Wind turbine, 96V
●   Solar Power: 2000W rated power output - 8pcs 300/320W 24V mono/polycrystalline solar panels
●   Controller & Inverter: off-grid wind solar hybrid controller inverter 3000W
●   Standing free 11 meter tower for 3kw wind turbine
●   Rooftop solar panel installation bracket for 2000W PV


Recommended Application

● Simple cottage with 6-7 bedrooms, providing very basic power for total load less than 3000W. 
● Ideal solution for areas with stable public grid supply to reduce your electricity bill. 
● Ideal solution for areas with unstable public grid supply as a reliable power backup system. 
● Areas completely without public grid supply, SWH-5000 system could serve as a stand-alone power supply system, such as remote area or holiday cottage.

System Installation Requirement

● Rooftop solar panel installation requires minimum 15 square meters, south-facing steep roof is recommended for better solar power harvesting.
● Open space without tall obstacle is preferred for wind turbine installation for better wind power harvesting.
● 3-4 square meter space is preferred to place controller inverter system and batter bank.


System Specification

System   Detail


Rated Capacity


Wind turbine

3000W 96V, 5 blade

PV modules

300W (24V) x 8

Wind solar hybrid off-grid controller Inverter

Input: 3000w wind / 3000W solar

Output: 3000W 110-240Vac 50/60hz
Grid by-pass function: optional

Deep Cycle battery AGM gel

12V 200AH x 8

PV module mounting bracket

Flat roof/tile roof/corrugated Metallic roof/ground mount

Suggested Tower installation

9m guyed tower for ground installation

11m free-standing tower for ground installation
Hydraulic tower 10.4/13.4 meters


solar and wind hybrid power system

wind and solar hybrid system diagram

recommended household electric appliance


Q: What is your maximum power of solar and wind hybrid power system you can provide?
A: 1kW, 2kW, 3kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW etc.


Q: Can you supply grid-tied system?
A: Yes, above 1kW power system.


Q: Can you provide complete system including accessories?
A: Yes, some accessories we not produce by ourselves, but we will help choose the best one for our customers to get a complete system with good performance.

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